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Pulse 2023: TE/AM Compass for Agile Team Retrospectives

The TE/AM Compass leads Agile teams to structural, social and personal improvements, and offers a holistic approach to retrospectives.

Retrospectives without a clear overall direction seem random, boring and even useless. The TE/AM Compass gives teams a more complete picture of their impact within an Agile Transformation, while the elements of the selected Agile framework (e.g. Scrum, Kanban, SAFe) remain important.

This approach makes it easier for teams to decide over time which improvements and adjustments are most useful on a structural, social or personal level. In this two-hour seminar, we explain the elements of the compass and how they are used:

  • TE — The true north of Agile from a team’s perspective
  • AM — The six drivers of transformation

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Liberating Metaphors

Pulse 2023: Liberating Metaphors for Agile Transformation

Have you attended Scrum or SAFe certification training, but are now struggling with contradictions and boundaries in your organization? In this virtual seminar we will decode the underlying “agile paradox” using three of the Liberating Metaphors for Agile Transformation.