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Digital Growth with FLUUNT

Are you adapting your business model and taking a more digital approach? We have helped our corporate clients achieve their Digital goals by taking on the accountabilities of an experienced Product Owner, Business Analyst, Product Manager and Digital Change Manager. We can increase success by applying data-driven empiricism for value creation and an integrative approach to stakeholder and customer engagement.

We help bring Digital initiatives to life.

Our past assignments in the area of Digital Growth included the following typical situations:

The “Digital Strategy” situation

The key question here is where Digital can make a difference inside or outside the current business model. Relying too much on the advice of external consultants is a common mistake as it may not result in a company-specific digital USP. Instead, we involve customers as well as operational and customer-oriented employees from day one. In Design Sprints or Design Thinking workshops, we carry out small experiments with prototypes that can be tested by real customers before we invest too much in an idea. In this way, the ingenious brains of internal knowledge workers could trigger a unique and data-driven digital strategy.

The “Customer Hub” situation

The lawful collection and use of customer data is a major concern for many companies. We help our corporate clients bring portals, shops, apps, marketplaces and other digital customer hubs to life. This includes refining user requirements for software such as CRM, ERP, e-commerce, marketing, analytics, compliance and other related software and interfaces. We take care of the roadmap, stakeholder management and the prioritization of requirements.

The “Legacy System” situation

The smartest digital strategy is worthless if the existing IT landscape does not support the required adaptability. Replacing legacy systems is not only a technological but also a human challenge, as it requires alignment and change of mind both in IT and business. That is why we support you with the right skills to transform both technology and mind. We take care of the initial business analysis, stakeholder management and the implementation roadmap, and facilitate changes throughout the company.

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