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Growth Culture with FLUUNT

Whether you are proactively trying to create a better reality for your organization or find yourself in an unexpected situation of change, maintaining or creating a culture of growth is an essential part of any transformation. As Transformation Coaches, we help our corporate clients find the right approaches for their respective change journeys, on a structural, social and personal level and far beyond the familiar standard change management processes.

We partner with leaders to help nurture vibrant, innovation-focused 🌱 growth cultures.

Our past assignments in the area of Growth Culture included the following typical situations:

The “Agile Transformation” Situation

Agile is not a self-starter in most organizations: It challenges too many business administration theories that have been around for decades and have profoundly shaped the behavior of individuals and teams. Changing the corresponding habits and beliefs in order to establish creative and productive working environments in the Age of Artificial Intelligence is a complex undertaking. It requires an evolutionary approach rather than a pre-planned big bang transformation. Depending on where you are on your Agile journey, we can help you with your next best step to make Agile theory work for you.

The “Digital Transformation” Situation

A Digital Transformation in large organizations requires several individual IT projects, which in most cases call established business processes into question. Since many of these processes have been carefully set up over time and tailored to the needs of teams and individuals, there is generally little appetite for a major change initiative. Applying the principles of human effectiveness in technology projects can accelerate change acceptance in the corresponding business units and lead to sustainable success. We have helped our corporate clients create a collaborative working environment between IT and business units during major technology transformations.

FLUUNT Lean-Agile Leadership | Shaping change for vibrant growth.

FLUUNT is a network of like-minded Lean-Agile Leaders and Business Coaches. Since 2008, we have been shaping change for organizations, teams and individuals in technology-driven industries. We are certified by leading global organizations, e.g. as advanced Lean-Agile practitioners by Scrum.org and Certified Professional Coaches (PCC) by ICF.