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FLUUNT Coaching Lab for “People in Tech”

In technology-driven industries, innovation and change are constantly accelerating. Therefore, overcoming challenges and achieving your goals requires increasingly sophisticated approaches: The FLUUNT Coaching Lab is specifically aimed at professionals and executives in the tech world and offers a structured and supportive environment to cultivate intentional insights and drive personal and professional growth in the age of AI.

Coaching paves the way for crucial 💡 lightbulb moments.

Discover Coaching

Have you ever had a sudden “Aha moment” while doing something completely unrelated? What led you to that moment? What if it were less random and more manageable? Coaching is a process that guides you toward those crucial lightbulb moments, helping you overcome challenges and unlock balance, productivity, and opportunity in your business, work, and life. Unlike random sparks of inspiration, coaching provides a dedicated space where you can systematically explore, reflect, and act on your goals.

Unlock your best Thinking

Picture the FLUUNT Coaching Lab as an “Aha!”-lab – a serene space where your coach partners with you to create and maintain the optimal state of mind for fresh thoughts and breakthrough insights. Our approach is rooted in brain-based coaching, leveraging applied neuroscience to enhance your thinking processes. Through a careful understanding of the interaction of different brain systems, we facilitate self-directed learning and personal growth.

Advance your Coaching Skills

The FLUUNT Coaching Lab is not just about receiving coaching; it is also a space to develop and enhance your own coaching skills. As a tech professional, refining your ability to coach others is a valuable asset. Our lab provides a platform for you to not only experience effective coaching but also to learn and apply these skills in your professional journey.

Artful vs. Artificial

We adhere to the standards of the International Coaching Federation, which places a trusting and ethical relationship at the heart of professional and artful coaching. Coaching clients usually shy away from being coached by artificial intelligence for data protection reasons. We remain open to AI coaching in a safe manner, as it still can be helpful in tracking goal achievement and increasing motivation.

Start your Journey

The FLUUNT Coaching Lab is an invitation to a transformative journey where you overcome challenges and elevate your coaching skills in the age of AI.

FLUUNT Lean-Agile Leadership | Shaping change for vibrant growth.

FLUUNT is a network of like-minded Lean-Agile Leaders and Business Coaches. Since 2008, we have been shaping change for organizations, teams and individuals in technology-driven industries. We are certified by leading global organizations, e.g. as advanced Lean-Agile practitioners by Scrum.org and Certified Professional Coaches (PCC) by ICF.