FLUUNT Lean-Agile Leadership | Shaping change for vibrant growth.

The FLUUNT Principle

Our guiding principle “For vibrant growth, seek minds like water” is a reminder that even in the Age of AI, organizations thrive on the capacity and ingenuity of the human brain: By helping advance both individual’s mental flow state and the overall organizational flow efficiency, we unlock hidden potential and shape change for vibrant business growth. This neuroscience-informed approach is reflected in our brand FLUUNT, which is Latin for “flow”.

For vibrant growth, seek 🧠 minds like water.

Fostering Minds like Water

“Minds like water” are in a state of clarity and reduced stress, making them adept at creatively responding to anything that comes their way, similar to water’s calm response to disturbances. This concept from martial arts philosophy was later adopted by the GTD® productivity system (see David Allen). In this state, the individual makes decisions and takes actions more efficiently and proactively as they are not burdened by an overloaded mind.

Vibrance as a leading Indicator

“Vibrance” is an important leading indicator of the ability to innovate and time-to-market. It manifests itself in enthusiasm and commitment and thrives in cultures that focus on organizational health and foster structures and work environments that lead to “minds like water” (see Patrick Lencioni). Accordingly, unlike other business growth strategies, “vibrant growth” is people-led growth driven by focus, commitment and pro-activity.

Flow Intelligence for the Age of AI

We shape change using well established ideas around “flow”: At the individual level, psychology defines flow as “a state in which people are so involved in an activity that nothing else seems to matter; the experience is so enjoyable that people will continue to do it even at great personal cost, for the sheer sake of doing it” (see Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi). At the organizational and team level, “flow” refers to the flow of work and the question “When will it be done?” (see Daniel S. Vacanti). This theory and its metrics are based on systems thinking and lean principles. Advancing Flow Intelligence (#flowintelligence) at its various levels in the corporate context promotes “minds like water” and a vibrant culture, capable of bringing to life exceptional strategies and products required for vibrant business growth in the Age of AI.

FLUUNT Lean-Agile Leadership | Shaping change for vibrant growth.

FLUUNT is a network of like-minded Lean-Agile Leaders and Business Coaches. Since 2008, we have been shaping change for organizations, teams and individuals in technology-driven industries. We are certified by leading global organizations, e.g. as advanced Lean-Agile practitioners by Scrum.org and Certified Professional Coaches (PCC) by ICF.