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Untangle your Brain with Situational Workplace Coaching

Situational Workplace Coaching

FLUUNT provides situational coaching on workplace-related topics for professionals and executives in technology-driven industries:

Your mind is stuck or you are feeling off balance at your workplace… Maybe you are dealing with a tight deadline, a difficult colleague, a major decision, an uncertain career path, or you are struggling to keep personal commitments. Coaching can help you break free from unproductive thought patterns and regain a constructive mindset.

Only around 5% of the brain is directly involved in conscious, rational thinking… If you are mulling over your situation on your own, you may not be tapping into the other 95% of your brain’s potential. Through external stimuli in professional coaching, you can activate more brain areas and create new neural connections, ultimately expanding your thinking and problem-solving abilities.

A professional coach is your “partnering brain” that masters the art of unraveling your thinking and co-creating your unique path forward. Higher self-awareness and shifts in perspective allow you to see your situation more clearly and make your decisions with greater confidence.

You can proudly own the outcome of your thinking in the coaching conversation… With a clear mind, personal insights and new ideas you are able to take smart moves you never would have thought of before. Your coach can help you to follow through on your decisions.

Your coaching takes place in a confidential remote setting, e.g. by video call. Book flexible 30 to 60 minute conversations, on demand or based on pre-arranged packages. In a free initial discovery call you can find out if you are connecting well with your coach and whether you feel comfortable taking the next step.

Your Employer might fund your Coaching

Would you like to use your employer’s professional development budget for your brain-based workplace coaching? In many cases, this is possible because coaching helps you advance professionally to the benefit of your employer. The International Coaching Federation found that people who have used a coach report significant improvements, which in turn can be utilized as compelling arguments for funding:

  • 70% improved their work performance
  • 80% increased their confidence
  • 72% improved their communication skills

If you would like to discuss this topic, you are welcome to address it in your chemistry call.

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